Implementation of 10% Bet Tax Begins Today

By | May 1, 2023
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Implementation of 10% Bet Tax Begins Today

The revised taxes include the Excise Amendment Act, of 2023; the Income Tax Amendment Act, of 2023, and the Growth and Sustainability Levy Act, of 2023.

Under this new tax regime, Bettors will pay 10% of their gains to the state, while lottery and gaming companies would pay 20% of their total income. Individuals who receive gains from investment assets or liabilities and other non-gift-related earnings may have to pay 25% of the value to the state.

The Growth and Sustainability Levy Act mandates banks, non-bank financial institutions, telecommunications businesses, and oil corporations to pay the state 5% of their profit before taxes.

The Ghana Union of Traders Association recently stated that the new amended taxes will have a significant impact on business and raise consumer costs.


Reactions of Ghanaians to the 10% Bet Tax

Following the passage of this Tax, many Ghanaians have been reaction to the tax, many have been describing the tax as a ‘extortion’.


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