Man Sentenced to Death By Hanging for the Murder of former NPP Chairman

By | May 1, 2023
Asabke Alandgi, one of two people charged with the murder of Adams Mahama, a former Upper East Regional chairman of the New Patriotic Party, on May 25, 2015, was sentenced to death by hanging by an Accra High Court.

This came following a unanimous judgement of guilty on the charge of conspiracy to kill by a seven-member jury. As a result, the court presided over by Justice Merley Wood convicted Alandgi of conspiracy to kill. The jury split 4-3 on the murder charge.

The court ruled that once he was hanged, the President of the Republic would decide where his remains should be buried.

“My lady will see that the accused person was charged for two offences. Just like the first accused the members of the jury were undecided on the charge which arguably is the more serious of the two offences. This decision is no doubt subject to several interpretations and consequences and decisions after today’s sitting. In mitigation, therefore, we respectfully pray this court to tamper justice with mercy to come up with a decision that is favourable to all. This is definitely not the last time we’ll hear about this case,” his lawyer stated.

Chief State Attorney, Marina Appiah Opare however pointed out that the court did not have much of a choice.

“It is very clear from section 24 of Act 29 that the punishment for conspiracy to commit an offence is the same punishment that is meted out to the substantive offence and in this case the substantive offence is murder and the punishment for murder is death so the punishment for conspiracy to commit murder is death. That is what the statute says. The hands of this court are tied. There are no lesser punishment.”

The court agreed with this view and imposed the death penalty.


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