Simple Home Hacks to Make Your House Warmer

By | July 24, 2023
Simple Home Hacks to Make Your House Warmer

Keeping your home warm without relying primarily on heating systems can help you save energy and money. Here are some basic home hacks to help you warm up your home:

Seal Drafts: Check for drafts in doors and windows and seal them with weather-stripping or draft stoppers. This keeps cold air from coming in and warm air from leaving.

Open your drapes and shutters during the day to enable sunlight to naturally heat your home. To decrease heat loss, close them at night.


Door Draft Stoppers: Place draft stoppers at the bottom of doors to keep cold air out.

Rearrange Furniture: Make sure that no furniture or bulky objects are blocking heating vents or radiators, since this prevents warm air from flowing.

Insulate Your Home: Properly insulate your walls, attics, and floors to keep heat in your home.

Rugs and carpets: Covering chilly floors with rugs or carpets helps to retain heat and offers a warmer walking surface.

How Do I Keep My Energy Costs Down?

Ceiling Fans with Reverse Functions: Use your ceiling fan’s reverse function throughout the winter to circulate warm air that rises to the ceiling back down into the room.

Utilize Oven Heat: After cooking, keep the oven door open (when turned off) to allow warm air to flow in the kitchen.

Cover Bare Floors: Using blankets or big area rugs to cover bare floors can give additional insulation.

Water Pipe Insulation: Insulate hot water pipes to avoid heat loss as water goes to faucets.

Wear warm clothing and use blankets or throws to remain warm instead of turning up the heat.

**Cook or bake: **Cooking in the oven or on the stove can help warm up the kitchen and adjacent rooms.

Use Humidifiers: Because moist air seems warmer, utilizing humidifiers in your house may help it feel cozier at lower temperatures.

Close Unused Rooms: If you have unused rooms, close their doors and vents to concentrate heat in the places you use the most.