Conditions Applicable to Commonwealth Distance Learning Master’s Scholarship

By | February 28, 2024
Commonwealth Distance Learning Master’s Scholarship

A Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarship encompasses tuition fee coverage and study grants as required. It is imperative to recognize that the simultaneous possession of other scholarships, awards, or bursaries addressing identical costs is strictly prohibited. The recipient of a Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarship is obligated to comply with this policy and is precluded from receiving funds concurrently from alternative sources for the same expenses.

In order to streamline and optimize the administration of the application process, the CSC will establish a record in the applicant’s name upon submission. Once an individual submits an application for an award through the CSC, their information will be securely retained for administrative purposes.

Essential anonymized demographic data for all applicants will be preserved for analytical research purposes. The CSC is committed to preserving the confidentiality of personal information and ensuring transparency in the collection and utilization of applicant data. For a thorough comprehension of how we manage applicant information, additional details are available in our privacy notice.

The personal information of applicants will be utilized for conducting necessary due diligence checks to the satisfaction of the CSC before any formal agreement or contractual relationship is initiated. While in most instances the due diligence checks are straightforward, there may be occasions where additional information is required. Therefore, we seek full cooperation to expedite the process.

Failure to provide consent for the use of personal data in the due diligence process will, unfortunately, result in the CSC being unable to proceed with the application process. The agreement to use personal data for due diligence is an essential prerequisite for the CSC to proceed with the application.

Upon successful application, the selected applicants will be notified by their respective university.

The CSC does not impose a mandatory requirement for applicants to undergo an IELTS (English language) test. However, it is crucial to note that universities, as an additional criterion for a scholarship, may request applicants to furnish evidence of a specific level of English language proficiency. While the CSC does not prescribe an IELTS test, prospective scholars should be prepared to satisfy any language proficiency prerequisites established by the universities they are applying to.

The CSC is unable to confer a scholarship upon an applicant if such an award would breach the terms and conditions of any previous scholarship they have held. The eligibility and acceptance of a CSC scholarship are subject to compliance with any pre-existing scholarship agreements or conditions.

Upon finalization of the admission terms with the university, an official Notification of Award letter will be dispatched.

Individuals falling under the following categories are ineligible to apply for a Commonwealth Scholarship or Fellowship:

  1. An employee, former employee, or a relative of an employee of the Government of the United Kingdom.
  2. A staff member affiliated with the Association of Commonwealth Universities or the British Council.
  3. A Commonwealth Scholarship Commissioner, former Commonwealth Scholarship Commissioner, or a relative of a Commonwealth Scholarship Commissioner.

Former employees of the mentioned organizations become eligible to apply three years after the cessation of their employment with them.

In accordance with the UK Bribery Act 2010, applicants convicted of bribery will face a ban on reapplying for a Commonwealth Scholarship or Fellowship for up to five years.

Scholars are required to abide by the CSC’s Code of Conduct for award holders and the Disciplinary Policy and Procedure.

An award may be terminated at any time due to unsatisfactory conduct, progress, or attendance. Furthermore, if the recipient’s registration is suspended or terminated by the university for any reason, the award may also be terminated. The decision to terminate an award is contingent upon adherence to the terms and conditions, as well as the academic and behavioral expectations set forth by the university and scholarship provider.

The CSC is committed to fair and transparent administration and management of its scholarships and fellowships. Additional information on this commitment, including details about the CSC Anti-Fraud Policy and Procedure, can be found on their official website. For further guidance on reporting fraud, applicants and recipients can refer to the FCDO guidance provided by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office.

The CSC upholds a commitment to administering and managing its scholarships and fellowships with fairness and transparency. For detailed information, please refer to the CSC Anti-Fraud Policy and Procedure, available on their official platform. Additionally, applicants and recipients can find guidance on reporting fraud in the FCDO guidance provided by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office.

The CSC is proactively committed to ensuring the welfare and protection of its beneficiaries, staff, Commissioners, and all individuals associated with the CSC. It mandates that staff, Commission members, award applicants and recipients, and suppliers adhere to its safeguarding requirements. Applicants are advised to review the CSC Safeguarding Policy, outlining the obligations for all relevant stakeholders. Any concerns related to safeguarding should be promptly reported to the Commission at

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