VIDEO: Nana Agraada Challenges Nogokpo Shrine, Vows to destroy it

By | June 5, 2023

Evangelist Mama Pat Popularly called Nana Agraada has challenged the Nogokpo Shrine which is located in the Volta Region of Ghana.

“Yesterday I heard on the news that they were
coming for our father, Agyin Asare, and I said, why didn’t they bring it my way? They would have known the difference. Where we find loose clothing is where we can easily tear it.”

“Bring your attention to Heaven Way Champion.
I will document myself breaking down the gods
with a camera on me so they know there is
power in God that works” she said.

The former priestess continued her challenge,
mentioning various renowned deities in the country including
Nogokpo, Antoa Nyamaa, Ayanta, and Kwaku

“l am saying, if they like, they should bring their schemes my way. We have stood in this room to say there is no power in gods and mentioned names like Nogokpo, Antoa Nyamaa, Ayanta, and Kwaku Firi.

“Why don’t they bring it my way? We will show them that we are the masters of the greatest” The former Priestess added.

Agraada further stated her superiority, pointing out the contrast between her being
‘white’ and Bishop Agyin Asare being ‘black’ while asserting that challengers should step forward.

“Where they are taking their scheme to is black, I am white, so you can’t bring yourself here. Whoever likes to challenge me should step
forward, I would go into Kyiri Abosom by force with the camera on me” she stated.


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