Cristiano Ronaldo’s Al Nassr banned by FIFA from registering any new players

By | July 13, 2023


Al Nassr, a team that famous Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo recently signed for has been banned by FIFA from signing new players.

An official FIFA ruling has indicated that Al Nassr still owes 2016 Premier League champions ‘Leicester an amount in excess oover their £14million transfer for Ahmed Musa in 2018.

It has been said that the recently relegated Foxes are owed £390,000 in add-ons, with Al Nassr yet to pay up.


The ruling which was originally released in the year 2021, with Al Nassr being told they must comply or face a transfer registration ban.

And their failure to pay Leicester has now seen FIFA take action by banning the team from registering new players.

Why Did FIFA Ban Al Nassr Football Club from Registering New Players 

The ban was due to their failure to pay Leicester City £390,000 in add-ons for Nigerian player Ahmed Musa who joined the Saudi club in 2018.

About Al-Nassr Football Club

Al-Nassr is one of four elite Saudi teams that were virtually nationalized last month when the sovereign wealth Public Investment Fund acquired controlling ownership. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman serves as the chairman of PIF, which asserts to have assets worth over $700 billion.