Summary, Conclusion and Recommendations on Guiding Learners use Saws at Avenorpeme

The aim of this research is all about “developing strategies to help Basic Eight pupils of Avenorpeme D/A school to understand woodwork saws”.

This situation caught the attention of the researcher during his observation of the teaching and learning process during a lesson on tools and processes. The researcher also used test and interviews to ascertain the true extent of the problem. During the interview sessions that the causes and effects of the problem at hand were revealed.

During pre – testing, 81.5% of the pupils failed to secure the pass mark of five indicating how profound the problem was. After instituting series of concrete interventions, the post – test results revealed that 100% of the pupils performed above average.


The researcher can confidently say that the objectives of the project work have been achieved because pupils who couldn’t grab the understanding of knowledge of woodwork saws can now do so easily. More so, pupils’ participation in pre – technical skills lessons have recorded a significant improvement

The remarkable improvement can be traced to the use of appropriate teaching and learning materials, pupils –centered techniques of teaching and learning encouraging pupils to practice sawing on their own.

On the whole, this is an evidence of a good project work because it has achieved its objectives.


Despite the success this project work has come out with, the following points are worth noting:

  1. Pupils need individual attention and supervision during woodwork lessons.
  2. Sawing must always be taught with correct equipment and tools.
  3. The School, parents and stakeholders must make tools and materials accessible to pupils


It is the hope of the researcher that any further work in this regard must look at how to care for and maintain woodwork saws and investigations into pupils’ misconceptions about technical drawing


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Appendix ‘A’

Pre – test Questions

  1. What is woodwork saw?
  2. Name the common woodwork saws we have
  3. Differentiate between the rip saw and the crosscut saw

Appendix ‘B’

Sample of Pupils Pre – Test Work

Appendix ‘C’

  1. Explain woodwork saws
  2. State the types of common woodwork saws.
  3. Mention two uses each of the crosscut saw and rip saw.

Appendix ‘D’

Samples of Pupils’ Post – Test work

Appendix ‘E’

Marking scheme of Pre –Test

  1. Woodwork saws are cutting tools used for cutting woodwork pieces to the desired size and shape. (2 marks)
  2. i. Rip saw
  3. Crosscut saw

iii. Tenon saw

  1. Dovetail saw. (4 marks, 1 mark each)
  2. The rip saw is used to cut along the grains of the wood while the crosscut saw is used to cut across the grains of the wood (4 marks)

Appendix ‘F’

Marking scheme of Post – Test

  1. Woodwork saws are cutting tools used for cutting, woodwork pieces to the desired size and shape (2 marks)
  2. i. Rip saw
  3. Crosscut saw

iii. Tenon saw

  1. Dovetail saw (4 marks, 1 mark each)
  2. Rip saw
  3. it is used to cut wood along the grains.
  4. It used to cut thick wood. (2 marks, 1 each)
  1. Crosscut saw
  2. It is used to cut wood across the grains
  3. It is used to cut thin wood. (2 marks, 1 each)


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