200 Types of Lawyers

By | May 20, 2023
Admiralty/Maritime Lawyers Animal Rights Lawyers Antitrust Lawyers Appellate Lawyers Aviation Lawyers Banking and Finance Lawyers Bankruptcy Lawyers Business Lawyers Civil Rights Lawyers Construction Lawyers Consumer Protection Lawyers Corporate Lawyers Criminal Defense Lawyers Education Lawyers Elder Law Lawyers Employment Lawyers Energy Lawyers Entertainment Lawyers Environmental Lawyers Estate Planning Lawyers Family Lawyers Gaming Lawyers Health Care Lawyers Immigration Lawyers Insurance Lawyers Intellectual Property Lawyers International Lawyers Labor Lawyers Media Lawyers Medical Malpractice Lawyers Military Lawyers Personal Injury Lawyers Privacy Lawyers Product Liability Lawyers Professional Liability Lawyers Real Estate Lawyers Securities Lawyers Social Security Disability Lawyers Sports Lawyers Tax Lawyers Technology Lawyers Tort Lawyers Traffic Lawyers Transportation Lawyers Trusts and Estates Lawyers Veterans' Benefits Lawyers White Collar Crime Lawyers Workers' Compensation Lawyers Wrongful Death Lawyers Zoning Lawyers Administrative Lawyers Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Lawyers Art Lawyers Aviation Accident Lawyers Blockchain Lawyers Cannabis Lawyers Civil Litigation Lawyers Class Action Lawyers Communications Lawyers Constitutional Lawyers Consumer Lawyers Copyright Lawyers Corporate Governance Lawyers Cybersecurity Lawyers Data Privacy Lawyers Divorce Lawyers Drone Lawyers Education Law Lawyers Election Lawyers Employee Benefits Lawyers Energy Regulatory Lawyers Environmental Compliance Lawyers Equine Lawyers Fashion Lawyers Food and Drug Lawyers Foreclosure Lawyers Franchise Lawyers Government Contracts Lawyers Health and Wellness Lawyers Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Lawyers Indigenous Rights Lawyers Insurance Defense Lawyers International Trade Lawyers Juvenile Law Lawyers Land Use and Zoning Lawyers LGBTQ+ Rights Lawyers Maritime Injury Lawyers Military Benefits Lawyers Municipal Lawyers Native American Law Lawyers Nonprofit Lawyers Patent Lawyers Police Brutality Lawyers Privacy and Data Security Lawyers Probate Lawyers Public Interest Lawyers Qui Tam Lawyers Religious Freedom Lawyers Social Media Lawyers Whistleblower Lawyers Artifical Intelligence (AI) Lawyers Aviation Regulatory Lawyers Biotechnology Lawyers Child Custody Lawyers Civil Appellate Lawyers Civil Fraud Lawyers Collaborative Divorce Lawyers Collections Lawyers Commercial Litigation Lawyers Communications Infrastructure Lawyers Complex Litigation Lawyers Construction Defect Lawyers Consumer Bankruptcy Lawyers Corporate Compliance Lawyers Cryptocurrency Lawyers Defamation Lawyers Digital Media Lawyers Disability Rights Lawyers Domain Name Lawyers E-Commerce Lawyers Education Policy Lawyers Election Campaign Finance Lawyers Emerging Technology Lawyers Employee Rights Lawyers Energy Project Lawyers Entertainment Contracts Lawyers Environmental Litigation Lawyers Equine Law Lawyers Executive Compensation Lawyers Family Mediation Lawyers Fashion and Luxury Goods Lawyers Financial Services Lawyers Food Safety Lawyers Foreign Investment Lawyers Franchise Litigation Lawyers Gaming Licensing Lawyers Genetic Privacy Lawyers Government Investigations Lawyers Health Care Compliance Lawyers Hedge Fund Lawyers Homeowners Association (HOA) Lawyers Identity Theft Lawyers Infrastructure Development Lawyers Insolvency Lawyers Insurance Bad Faith Lawyers International Arbitration Lawyers Internet Law Lawyers Landlord-Tenant Lawyers Legal Ethics Lawyers Litigation Financing Lawyers Maritime Finance Lawyers Media and Entertainment Litigation Lawyers Medical Device Lawyers Mergers and Acquisitions Lawyers Music Law Lawyers National Security Lawyers Native American Tribal Rights Lawyers Oil and Gas Lawyers Online Gaming Lawyers Outsourcing Lawyers Personal Data Protection Lawyers Pharmaceutical Lawyers Police Misconduct Lawyers Political Law Lawyers Post-Conviction Relief Lawyers Privacy Litigation Lawyers Private Equity Lawyers Professional Licensing Lawyers Public Finance Lawyers Real Estate Development Lawyers Renewable Energy Lawyers Robotic Process Automation Lawyers Securities Fraud Lawyers Social Security Advocacy Lawyers Space Law Lawyers Start-Up Lawyers Student Rights Lawyers Tax Controversy Lawyers Technology Transactions Lawyers Telecommunications Lawyers Toxic Tort Lawyers Trade Secrets Lawyers Trademark Lawyers Transportation Infrastructure Lawyers Unemployment Benefits Lawyers Unfair Competition Lawyers Urban Planning Lawyers Venture Capital Lawyers Veterinary Lawyers Water Rights Lawyers Wealth Management Lawyers White Collar Defense Lawyers Wine Law Lawyers Workplace Safety Lawyers Youth Advocacy Lawyers Art Law Lawyers Clean Energy Lawyers Coastal Law Lawyers Community Association Lawyers Drone Law Lawyers

A lawyer is a legal professional who is licensed to provide advice, guidance, and representation to individuals or organizations in legal matters. Lawyers are trained in the law and can specialize in various areas of practice.

The field of law is vast and complex, encompassing numerous areas of specialization that cater to the diverse legal needs of individuals, organizations, and society as a whole. Lawyers, the legal professionals at the forefront of this domain, play a crucial role in providing advice, guidance, and representation in legal matters. From criminal defense to intellectual property, from family disputes to corporate transactions, lawyers specialize in various areas of law to ensure that their clients’ rights and interests are protected.

Understanding the different types of lawyers is essential for individuals seeking legal assistance or aspiring legal professionals exploring their career paths. Each type of lawyer possesses unique expertise and knowledge in a particular area of law, enabling them to navigate the intricacies of their respective fields and provide tailored legal solutions.

In this guide, we will explore a wide range of types of lawyers, shedding light on their distinct areas of specialization and the crucial roles they play within the legal landscape. From civil rights lawyers fighting for justice to intellectual property lawyers safeguarding creative endeavors, we will delve into the diverse realms of law and highlight the key responsibilities and expertise associated with each legal practice.

Whether you find yourself in need of legal representation or simply curious about the multifaceted nature of the legal profession, this exploration of types of lawyers will serve as a valuable resource to better understand the intricacies of the legal world and the professionals who navigate its complexities. By recognizing the expertise and specialization of different types of lawyers, you can gain insight into the diverse legal avenues available and make more informed decisions when seeking legal assistance or considering a career in law.


The Types of Lawyers available are:

  1. Admiralty/Maritime Lawyers
  2. Animal Rights Lawyers
  3. Antitrust Lawyers
  4. Appellate Lawyers
  5. Aviation Lawyers
  6. Banking and Finance Lawyers
  7. Bankruptcy Lawyers
  8. Business Lawyers
  9. Civil Rights Lawyers
  10. Construction Lawyers
  11. Consumer Protection Lawyers
  12. Corporate Lawyers
  13. Criminal Defense Lawyers
  14. Education Lawyers
  15. Elder Law Lawyers
  16. Employment Lawyers
  17. Energy Lawyers
  18. Entertainment Lawyers
  19. Environmental Lawyers
  20. Estate Planning Lawyers
  21. Family Lawyers
  22. Gaming Lawyers
  23. Health Care Lawyers
  24. Immigration Lawyers
  25. Insurance Lawyers
  26. Intellectual Property Lawyers
  27. International Lawyers
  28. Labor Lawyers
  29. Media Lawyers
  30. Medical Malpractice Lawyers
  31. Military Lawyers
  32. Personal Injury Lawyers
  33. Privacy Lawyers
  34. Product Liability Lawyers
  35. Professional Liability Lawyers
  36. Real Estate Lawyers
  37. Securities Lawyers
  38. Social Security Disability Lawyers
  39. Sports Lawyers
  40. Tax Lawyers
  41. Technology Lawyers
  42. Tort Lawyers
  43. Traffic Lawyers
  44. Transportation Lawyers
  45. Trusts and Estates Lawyers
  46. Veterans’ Benefits Lawyers
  47. White Collar Crime Lawyers
  48. Workers’ Compensation Lawyers
  49. Wrongful Death Lawyers
  50. Zoning Lawyers
  51. Administrative Lawyers
  52. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Lawyers
  53. Art Lawyers
  54. Aviation Accident Lawyers
  55. Blockchain Lawyers
  56. Cannabis Lawyers
  57. Civil Litigation Lawyers
  58. Class Action Lawyers
  59. Communications Lawyers
  60. Constitutional Lawyers
  61. Consumer Lawyers
  62. Copyright Lawyers
  63. Corporate Governance Lawyers
  64. Cybersecurity Lawyers
  65. Data Privacy Lawyers
  66. Divorce Lawyers
  67. Drone Lawyers
  68. Education Law Lawyers
  69. Election Lawyers
  70. Employee Benefits Lawyers
  71. Energy Regulatory Lawyers
  72. Environmental Compliance Lawyers
  73. Equine Lawyers
  74. Fashion Lawyers
  75. Food and Drug Lawyers
  76. Foreclosure Lawyers
  77. Franchise Lawyers
  78. Government Contracts Lawyers
  79. Health and Wellness Lawyers
  80. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Lawyers
  81. Indigenous Rights Lawyers
  82. Insurance Defense Lawyers
  83. International Trade Lawyers
  84. Juvenile Law Lawyers
  85. Land Use and Zoning Lawyers
  86. LGBTQ+ Rights Lawyers
  87. Maritime Injury Lawyers
  88. Military Benefits Lawyers
  89. Municipal Lawyers
  90. Native American Law Lawyers
  91. Nonprofit Lawyers
  92. Patent Lawyers
  93. Police Brutality Lawyers
  94. Privacy and Data Security Lawyers
  95. Probate Lawyers
  96. Public Interest Lawyers
  97. Qui Tam Lawyers
  98. Religious Freedom Lawyers
  99. Social Media Lawyers
  100. Whistleblower Lawyers
  101. Artifical Intelligence (AI) Lawyers
  102. Aviation Regulatory Lawyers
  103. Biotechnology Lawyers
  104. Child Custody Lawyers
  105. Civil Appellate Lawyers
  106. Civil Fraud Lawyers
  107. Collaborative Divorce Lawyers
  108. Collections Lawyers
  109. Commercial Litigation Lawyers
  110. Communications Infrastructure Lawyers
  111. Complex Litigation Lawyers
  112. Construction Defect Lawyers
  113. Consumer Bankruptcy Lawyers
  114. Corporate Compliance Lawyers
  115. Cryptocurrency Lawyers
  116. Defamation Lawyers
  117. Digital Media Lawyers
  118. Disability Rights Lawyers
  119. Domain Name Lawyers
  120. E-Commerce Lawyers
  121. Education Policy Lawyers
  122. Election Campaign Finance Lawyers
  123. Emerging Technology Lawyers
  124. Employee Rights Lawyers
  125. Energy Project Lawyers
  126. Entertainment Contracts Lawyers
  127. Environmental Litigation Lawyers
  128. Equine Law Lawyers
  129. Executive Compensation Lawyers
  130. Family Mediation Lawyers
  131. Fashion and Luxury Goods Lawyers
  132. Financial Services Lawyers
  133. Food Safety Lawyers
  134. Foreign Investment Lawyers
  135. Franchise Litigation Lawyers
  136. Gaming Licensing Lawyers
  137. Genetic Privacy Lawyers
  138. Government Investigations Lawyers
  139. Health Care Compliance Lawyers
  140. Hedge Fund Lawyers
  141. Homeowners Association (HOA) Lawyers
  142. Identity Theft Lawyers
  143. Infrastructure Development Lawyers
  144. Insolvency Lawyers
  145. Insurance Bad Faith Lawyers
  146. International Arbitration Lawyers
  147. Internet Law Lawyers
  148. Landlord-Tenant Lawyers
  149. Legal Ethics Lawyers
  150. Litigation Financing Lawyers
  151. Maritime Finance Lawyers
  152. Media and Entertainment Litigation Lawyers
  153. Medical Device Lawyers
  154. Mergers and Acquisitions Lawyers
  155. Music Law Lawyers
  156. National Security Lawyers
  157. Native American Tribal Rights Lawyers
  158. Oil and Gas Lawyers
  159. Online Gaming Lawyers
  160. Outsourcing Lawyers
  161. Personal Data Protection Lawyers
  162. Pharmaceutical Lawyers
  163. Police Misconduct Lawyers
  164. Political Law Lawyers
  165. Post-Conviction Relief Lawyers
  166. Privacy Litigation Lawyers
  167. Private Equity Lawyers
  168. Professional Licensing Lawyers
  169. Public Finance Lawyers
  170. Real Estate Development Lawyers
  171. Renewable Energy Lawyers
  172. Robotic Process Automation Lawyers
  173. Securities Fraud Lawyers
  174. Social Security Advocacy Lawyers
  175. Space Law Lawyers
  176. Start-Up Lawyers
  177. Student Rights Lawyers
  178. Tax Controversy Lawyers
  179. Technology Transactions Lawyers
  180. Telecommunications Lawyers
  181. Toxic Tort Lawyers
  182. Trade Secrets Lawyers
  183. Trademark Lawyers
  184. Transportation Infrastructure Lawyers
  185. Unemployment Benefits Lawyers
  186. Unfair Competition Lawyers
  187. Urban Planning Lawyers
  188. Venture Capital Lawyers
  189. Veterinary Lawyers
  190. Water Rights Lawyers
  191. Wealth Management Lawyers
  192. White Collar Defense Lawyers
  193. Wine Law Lawyers
  194. Workplace Safety Lawyers
  195. Youth Advocacy Lawyers
  196. Art Law Lawyers
  197. Clean Energy Lawyers
  198. Coastal Law Lawyers
  199. Community Association Lawyers
  200. Drone Law Lawyers

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