By | May 17, 2022

Honest Taxi Driver Ackon Thanks Ghanaians as he is Treated to Launch at an East Legon Restaurant.

Mr. Ackon who is now popularly refered to as the “Honest Taxi Driver” has shown his appreciation to  Ghanaians as he is treated to a free lunch at a restaurant in East Legon

Kwesi Ackon, the honest Taxi Driver who is now well known across the country for his generous act of returning GH¢8,400 a market woman left in his car has said his thank you to Ghanaians for showing him all he love and support.

The taxi driver is now a national hero for returning a misplaced money to the owner in this hard economy.

While kwesi has earned a name for himself, his family, and the church of Pentecost, he was also gifted huge sums of money by prominent who found his honesty very touching and inspiring.

On This past sunday he wore a white shirt to give thanks to the lord for showering him with many blessings.

From the church, he drove to Vilandro Residence in East Legon where the management of the restaurant hosted him for free lunch.

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