American Gangster Trap Queens Cast

By | February 20, 2022

American Gangster Trap Queens

American Gangster Trap Queens is a movie that talks about the life of some female criminals in the United States of America.

American Gangster Trap Queens’ Cast

Some popular celibrities who form part of the cast of the movie are; Kimberly Denise Jones, Jeezy, Shin McGregory, Dwayne Marion Johnson among others.

Kimberly Denise Jones Popularly called Lil’ Kim

American rapper and reality television personality Kimberly Denise Jones, better known in the entertainment world as Lil’ Kim. Lil’ Kim was born on 11th July, 1974 and grew up in Brooklyn, New York City.

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American Gangster: Trap Queens


American rapper Jay Wayne Jenkins Popularly called Jeezy also forms part of the cast of the American Gangst€r Trap Queens movie. Jeezy is 44 years old with an estimated Net Worth of $10million.

Shon McGregory

Shon McGregory is an American Actor who has featured in many movies such as The crash, Hunter, Market Value, Sisters of the East, The breach,Doubt, Put me up, Bachelors Grove, Johnny and Goodnight.

Dwayne Marion Johnson

Dwayne Marion Johnson is an actor and a wrestler and has become popular for his works on the Mind of Aaron Hernandez, No Limit Chronicles, The Dab and the Killer Inside.

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